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Soward Management Sponsorships
At Soward Management we are bless to be able to provide sponsorships for everyday people who want to make their dreams become their reality. If you are interested in receiving a sponsorship, please contact our team at and we will be more than happy to review your request and get back to you with an answer. 

Soward Management Sponsors Valley Dragons Junior Rugby League Football Club - Indigenous Round 2023

Soward Management was pleased to be able to sponsor the Valley Dragons Junior Rugby Leave Football Club for their Indigenous Round in June 2023. It is extremely important for our local businesses to continue to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture along with our local sporting community within Canberra, providing financial assistance to a Junior Rugby Football Club and helping pave the way for our next generations coming through to full-fill their dreams! 

Congratulations to all players who attended. We support you all and cant wait to see where your dreams take you in the future!

Soward Management


Soward Management Sponsors Darius Brandy NSW 

Soward Management had the honour of Sponsoring Darius Brandy to attend the NSW Rugby Union Monaro U12 Representative Team vs ACT Brumbies Representative Team at the State Representative Carnival in July 2023.

Darius is an extremely talented player and has a massive passion for both Rugby Union and Rugby League. As a leader in his community for his cousins and younger generations, he is paving the way forward and showing everyone that with hard work, dedication and passion, you can achieve your goals. This was a massive achievement for Darius and Soward Management are so pleased to be able to support you to make your dreams become your reality!

Keep working hard and dedicating yourself to the sports you love Darius. We look forward to following your sporting journey, and cannot wait for the day we are watching you on the big screen. 


Soward Management Sponsors Darius Brandy NSW 

Soward Management Sponsors 
Brody Piromalli

Congratulations to Brody!

Early this year Brody Piromalli was selected to represent the ACT at the School Sport Australia National Championships taking place from 29 July - 6 August in Townsville. 

A little bit about Brody:

For those of you that don't know Brody, he has a heart of gold and a big passion for sports, in particular Rugby League. Brody has represented the ACT in Oz Tag at a Nationals level including City vs Country for the Pride Team. Brody was soo proud to be selected to represent the ACT in the U12s School Boys team.

Whilst Brody understands that sport can be about having fun & playing with friends, he is still committed to giving 110%. He knows that if he wants to be an elite athlete one day he needs to focus on the task at hand today. 

Brody is passionate about his culture, his biggest sports stars in the NRL are those that are of First Nations Heritage.

Soward Management was very happy to be able to provide sponsorship to Brody and his family to attend this wonderful opportunity. We are extremely proud of Brody and all of his achievements with his sporting career to date. A massive CONGRATULATIONS Brody on your representative selection, you are a very determined, hard working, respectful young man who has worked hard to achieve everything you have achieved.

We look forward to following your career and supporting you in anyway we can in the future!


Keep an eye out for Brody in the NRL space - this kid is going places!!!

Soward Managment Sponsors
Allan Brookman

2023 has been a year of amazing things for this young boy! Earlier this year Allan Brookman was selected to represent the U12s ACT School Boys at the School Sport Australia National Championships taking place from 29 July - 6 August in Townsville. 

Where do we start with this young boy! Such an amazingly talented athlete who dedicates his heart and soul to his Rugby League, Rugby Union, Oz Tag - and anything else he puts his name to.

Allan is a very proud Aboriginal boy, who cherish's his culture, family, friends and team mates. With a kind heart, strong shoulder, massive tackles, quick pace and love for the game, he is a true threat to any team and a massive asset in the same regard. 

Soward Management were very proud to provide sponsorship for Allan to also attend the U12s ACT School Boys team at the ACT School Sport Australian Championships taking place in Townsville durning late June - early August. 

CONGRATULATIONS Allan on your wonderful achievement! Our team wish you all the best with your sporting career, and really look forward to watching you grow and thrive in the future. You are a very talented sport person and we look forward to watching you on the big screen in the near future. 

Keep an eye on this one people! He is too deadly! 

Soward Management Sponsors
Shanaya Williams - Schillings

Talented Women's Basketball player to watch out for!

At the end of 2023, Shanaya Williams-Schillings was successful in representing NSW in the Indigenous Community Basketball League (ICBL) at the National Indigenous Basketball Tournament (NIBT) held in October in QLD.

Shanaya is a talent to watch both on the Netball and Basketball stages, with her outstanding ability to read the game, her all net shooting styles and her ability to think outside the box to get her team over the line is a skill that cannot be taught!

Soward Management was extremely honoured to be able to sponsor Shanaya to attend the NIBT and for her to make her dreams become her reality on the Basketball Court. 

Congratulations Shanaya on all of our achievements, not just this one as there are many more you have achieved. We look forward to following your progress and supporting you in the future. 

This young lady is one to watch, and we are sure we will see her on the big screen representing! Lets go!

Soward Management Sponsors Yindyamarra Warriors at the 
Deadly Choices Touch Competition


November 2023 provided an opportunity for Yindyamarra Warriors to represent the ACT at the Deadly Choices Touch Carnival in QLD.

Soward Management was proud to provide sponsorship to the Yindayamarra Warriors for their trip and to make some of the players dreams become their reality!


The talent between the kids involved was just deadly to watch. Inspiring each other to keep going, push harder and to set up plays to get them over the line.

Best thing was seeing ex NRL players like Willy Tonga, Justin Hodges and Tyrone Roberts with the kids.

Massive shoutout to Willy Tonga for taking the time to train with the kids, provide them with inspiration and play a game of touch with them all prior to the carnival.

All of this would not have been possible without their Coach Mel I, Manager Mel B, and all the supporting people who provided sponsorship and support on the trip.

Congratulations to all the players involved - we are all so proud of you!

Shoutout to Deadly Choices 2023!!

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