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Allan Brookman represents the ACT for the U12s ACT School Boys in 2023

2023 has been a year of amazing things for this young boy! Earlier this year Allan Brookman was selected to represent the U12s ACT School Boys at the School Sport Australia National Championships taking place from 29 July - 6 August in Townsville.

Where do we start with this young boy! Such an amazingly talented athlete who dedicates his heart and soul to his Rugby League, Rugby Union, Oz Tag - and anything else he puts his name to.

Allan is a very proud Aboriginal boy, who cherish's his culture, family, friends and team mates. With a kind heart, strong shoulder, massive tackles, quick pace and love for the game, he is a true threat to any team and a massive asset in the same regard.

Soward Management were very proud to provide sponsorship for Allan to also attend the U12s ACT School Boys team at the ACT School Sport Australian Championships taking place in Townsville durning late June - early August.

CONGRATULATIONS Allan on your wonderful achievement! Our team wish you all the best with your sporting career, and really look forward to watching you grow and thrive in the future. You are a very talented sport person and we look forward to watching you on the big screen in the near future.

Keep an eye on this one people! He is too deadly!


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